Knowledgeable Car Accidents Attorney Representing Injured Victims in Tulsa & Broken Arrow

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that car accidents happen every day all over the county. When it happens to you and your family, however, it becomes so much more than a faraway risk. You may be dealing with serious injuries that require extensive medical intervention, which means big bills to pay. You shouldn’t suffer financially while you’re healing physically from someone else’s mistake.

Understanding Oklahoma’s At-Fault Insurance Law

In our home state, we have what’s known as at-fault insurance. What that means is that when someone causes an accident that hurts people or property, they can be found legally liable for monetary damages. If they are insured (which they are required to be under law), their insurance company will more than likely handle your payout instead of the negligent driver personally. If they are uninsured, they may be required to pay out of pocket and could face criminal charges in a separate case.

Handling the Insurance Adjusters for You

The other reality of the aftermath of car accidents centers around the insurers who do not want to let go of any precious profits. That’s not implying that adjusters are bad people; it’s simply the business model of large insurance corporations. What will likely happen is that after you file a claim, you will receive many calls from the company and they will ask you all about the accident, your driving history, and even your personal life.

Though it seems natural to merely retell the facts, what they’re truly attempting is to get you to give them anything they can use against you to discredit your personal injury claim. By retaining a personal injury attorney, you can pass this entire process off. You simply tell them to speak to your legal representative and hang up the phone.

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